Spiruline EZ

Spiruline EZ. The famous Spiruline has been fully redesigned into the Spiruline EZ range! Like usual, LC is not only refining details its product range, but fully re developing it, including all the lastest knowledge and technology!
Its program stays the same, 100% pleasure orientated glider, easy, playful, intuitive and direct… Easy to set up, light, and durable. It’s a real “gecko glider”! Only your imagination will limit its versatility!

The new glider is a true 3 liners, helping to save 15% of line consumption and a bit of weight by the attachment points count reduction.
Thanks to the shaping improvement, it was possible to reduce the cell count without affecting the dimension stability of the canopy! The glider feels more compact and the “span wobbling” so typical for the Spiruline has been reduce to almost nothing! This helps the pilot to get a better glide feeling, and make him feel more confident into the glider, and on top of that improving the glide ratio of a half point! The glider remains pitch stable like all the LC.

The weight and packing volume improve of one size compare to the previous generation (the new L weight and pack like a old M).
Handling gets more progressive, making the glider more intuitive and more precise !
Safety wise, the Spiruline EZ maintains a low aspect ratio planform, and larger cells which offers a bigger resistance to collapse. Brake travel is quite long, with a very heavy point before the deepstall point.
 The behaviour out of the fly is more dynamic along with the wingload increase (can be quite dynamic with more than 6 wing load), but always predictable and surprise less.
Some videos are showing these behaviours on provocated manoeuvres.

Technical Specs

PROJ. AREA101213.51517
CELL NB3232323236
EXTENDED AUW60/11060/11060/11060/11060/120
PPG AUW60/14060/150
GLIDE RATIO7788.58.5
CERTIFICATIONEN 926-1EN 926-1EN 926-1EN 926-1EN B
PRICE€ 1782€ 1782€ 1992€ 1992€ 2202


Extrados, soft finish, 41g DOKDO 30D
Intrados, soft finish 35g, DOKDO 20D
Ribs, hard finish 41g, DOKDO 30D

Lower: Edelrid 6843 kevlar
Mids: Edelrid 7850 dyneema sheathed
Upper: Edelrid 7850 dyneema sheathed

Standard Colors