Spiruline GT2. 100% fun oriented, the GT is for pilots looking for simplicity. The new version steps up its versatility, making the Spiruline GT2 the ideal glider for flying, travelling without hassle and nice potential to achieve some beautiful fly tours. Performance has been enhanced by a slight increase of the aspect ratio (4.7 vs 4.5) combined with an optimization of the cells width. No compromises were made regarding safety!. Pitch less, low aspect ratio, high pressure profile, long brake travel, skin tension balance, all prototypes have been pushed to their limit to make sure we get the safest glider possible.

When it comes to feeling the wing, the brakes on the Spiruline GT2 have become more consistent, more linear, and brake travel before stall point reach an incredible 70cm, with a preventing high pressure along the last 10cm. This factor is extremely important in our eyes: prevent from over reaction, helps low speed flying, without altering the handling precision.

The “GT” has been tested many hours by Gabi, our Girly ambassador, to make it the ideal glider for women (50 till 70kg). The trimming has been set up slightly faster to emphasize the low part of the all up weight. The GT (18 and 20) even lowly loaded keeps a nice speed. In this weight range, the GT is very accessible and can be used teaching at schools (EN B low). VS a paraglider, the GT will have a sharper and more precise handling, an interesting upwind glide and few km/h more. The turning radius will be smaller allowing to core very efficiently in small thermals. For XC, no worries, the Spiruline GT2 will show some very good capacity, offering its pilot peace of mind thanks to its pitch less, glide upwind and moderate air mass no problem. Its very efficiency in light conditions. The take off are shorts and still not much pulling in stronger wind, thanks to the short lines.

For the light weight gear afficionados, we have a Light Version which helps saving weight and packing volume.

Technical Specs

MODELGT 18GT 20GT 22GT 24GT 26GT 28
FLAT AREA (m2)1820222426268
FLAT SPAN9.19.710.110.511.011.5
CELL COUNT404040404040
OPTIMUM AUW50/6555/7070/8585/10090/11595/125
EXTENTED AUW50/10055/10055/10070/11080/11590/130
PPG AUW55/14055/14070/14070/14070/14070/140
CERTIFICATIONEN 926-1EN 926-1EN 926-1EN B (72/95KG)EN 926-1EN 926-1
PRICE€ 2460€ 2460€ 2460€ 2562€ 2562€ 2640


Extrados, soft finish, 35g DOKDO 20D (25g DOKDO 10D)
Intrados, soft finish, 35g DOKDO 20D (25g DOKDO 10D)
Ribs, hard finish, 41g DOKDO 30D

Lower: Edelrid 6843 kevlar (DC 200)
Mid: Edelrid 7850 sheath dyneema (DC120)
Upper: Edelrid 7850 sheath dyneema (DC 60)

Standard Colors

Standard Color GT light