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The Urubu Ré (King in Portuguese) is the largest vulture in South America!

At LittleCloud, The Urubu King is the version on steroids of the Urubu!

It offers real differences/developments compared to its little sister!

We flew and tested it for hundreds of hours, across Brazil and in the Alps to perfect it. Although sharing the same base/platform, it offers a better glide as well as better performance in thermals and on the bar in particular.

The base remains the same with 57 cells, but significant changes have been made to the aerodynamic profile, the internal structure with the addition of long rods on the suspended ribs as well as mini-ribs on the trailing edge .


 The wing is built 100% in 27gr: Our tests revealed an incredible benefit in terms of flight comfort, without compromising its durability and resistance.

The long rods provide a lot of compactness despite the increase in aspect ratio.During the development process, we produced prototypes with and without…

The result was clear!Thanks to the use of nylon, these rods in no way penalizing folding as they remain ultra flexible! A new profile, a little bulkier on the 1/3 front has been developed for this wing.

This profile offers better performance as well as better stability while accelerated.It also allows to reduce the size of the air intakes, a parameter that helps with aerodynamic efficiency!

The wing bites in thermals but keeps the legendary pitch stability, a trademark of all LittleCloud wings from the start!

Its aspect ratio has been increased to 6.45!

The arch has also been reworked so that the increase in aspect ratio does not affect the incredible maneuverability of the Urubu.

The King is extremely precise and as maneuverable as its little sister.

The use of Mini-Ribs on the trailing edge allows a significant gain in efficiency, without any real counterpart.

All these characteristics make it an ultra-pleasant and fun wing to fly with incredible glide!


 It is a wing aimed for EN C type pilots.

The higher level of performance makes it a little more demanding than the Urubu Classic and pilots entering this class will therefore have to prefer the classic one.However, it remains a real LittleCloud and the Urubu King will never trick you.The wing speaks to you clearly and always warns you in difficult conditions.It is very reassuring! Its travel before stalling is very long (at least 60cm on the L at 105kg – a treat for rests at the start).
Possible uses in Cross country, Soaring, Hike and Fly, as always, versatility remains essential at LittleCloud!
It will delight Hike and Fly enthusiasts, among others, with its weight, its limited packing volume and its capacities!
Its easy going inflation, quiet, even in strong winds, allows you to take off comfortably from unlikely places.


The Urubu King is not EN 926-2 (in flight test) certified. Only the EN 926-1 load test has been achieved.

The Non certification in flight is a deliberate choice of LittleCloud.
We think this EN certification is not a guarantee of safety for the pilot. In no case does this certification protect the pilot from flying incidents/accidents.
These EN Tests are done in calm air with initiated manoeuvres which do not show the behaviours of gliders in real life: modern gliders are very collapse resistant and their behaviour after a flying incident in a rowdy air mass is very far from what EN tests are showing.

We test our gliders in real life for hours and hours in order to evaluate their real capabilities and behaviours.
Our quest for performance is always checked by our quest for safety and very dampened reactions in case of flying incidents.
Flying remains an aeronautical activity, the gravity factor is the same as any aircraft.

Only the pilot, his decisions (weather, gear, flying routes), and his margins can guarantee a maximum safety.

It is available in 3 sizes:


Note: the wing remains very pleasant in low range, its maneuverability not being really altered, nor its efficiency against the wind!

Technical Specs
Urubu KingSML
SIZE (m2)212325,2
FLAT SPAN (m)11.6512,212.75
AR 6.456.456.45
AUW (kg)60/8075/9590/110
PRICE TTC€ 3990€ 3990€ 3990


Extrados, soft finish, DOKDO 10D

Intrados, soft finish DOKDO 10D

Ribs, hard finish 27gr Porcher


Top lines: DC 60/120

Mid lines: DC 60/120

Bottom lines: DC 120/200